WebZenitude now represented in North America by Vincent Soumoy

Vincent Soumoy is proud to announce an official partnership, in Canada and USA, with WebZenitude, after an informal collaboration since 2015 and about 10 years of relationship.

WebZenitude’s vocation

WebZenitude’s vocation is to offer all its customers, and more particularly customers who need high-performance relational tools such as a CRM or a chat, an appropriate selection of Open Source solutions, hosted, secure and managed in a professional way.

WebZenitude focuses on its IT infrastructure, its in-depth knowledge of EspoCRM and Zulip open source solutions and the associated services offered. The company is developing through local business partnerships around the world.

WebZenitude’s philosophy is to build customer and partner loyalty by letting them be free.

WebZenitude’s products

WebZenitude’s first offer is called WinTheDeals. It is a high quality EspoCRM hosting with dedicated services. Its quality/price ratio is amazing. The solution is complete and extensible (Workflows, BPM).

WinTheDeals - EspoCRM - EN - Screenshot

WebZenitude’s second offer is called Zolandia. It is a high quality Zulip hosting. In many use cases, it is an ideal complementary solution to WinTheDeals.

Zolandia - Zilp Screen shot

WebZenitude’s guarantees

WebZenitude guarantees its customers hosted CRM and Chat solutions at the best price/quality ratio, dedicated services, local support anywhere in the world and, thanks to its Open Source solutions, security, confidentiality and freedom that are impossible for proprietary solution providers to achieve.

WebZenitude offers, for example, dedicated servers whose customers can choose the location, regular updates and backups and the freedom to retrieve all its data at any time and migrate it to an internal server or another hosting provider.

Vincent Soumoy is at your disposal to discuss with you any integration of WebZenitude’s products inside your company. Contact us.