High quality Zulip hosting

Zolandia is a high quality Zulip hosting. In many use cases, it is an ideal complementary solution to WinTheDeals.

For example, Zolandia can provide you with a turnkey, secure and managed solution for your internal company chat, customer support chat, partner community or cross-functional work groups.

Zulip has specific advantages over market leaders: real-time, ubiquity (Windows, Linux, macOS, android, iOS, web browsers…), channels with topics and, above all, an Open Source solution.

The combination of quality hosting and Zulip’s specific strengths makes Zolandia a non-proprietary solution at an overall cost that is up to 20 times lower than those of market leaders.

Zolandia is therefore a very efficient alternative to proprietary solutions such as Slack or Discord, or to a half-owner, half-open-source solution such as Mattermost, for overall cost, data ownership, data confidentiality and freedom reasons thanks to its Open Source foundation.


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