WebZenitude’s vocation is to offer business managers, association managers or sales and marketing managers an appropriate selection of open source, hosted, secure and professionally managed sales and marketing solutions.

WebZenitude’s first offer is called WinTheDeals. It is a high quality EspoCRM hosting with dedicated services. Its quality/price ratio is amazing. The solution is complete and extensible (Workflows, BPM).

WebZenitude’s second offer is called WPZenitude. It is a high quality WordPress hosting completed by a personalized support of your website projects.

WebZenitude’s third offer is called Zolandia. It is a high quality Zulip hosting. In many use cases, it is also an ideal complementary solution to WinTheDeals.

WebZenitude focuses on its IT infrastructure, its in-depth knowledge of EspoCRM, WordPress and Zulip open source solutions and the associated services offered.

WebZenitude’s philosophy is to build customer and partner loyalty by letting them be free.


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